How to stick wallpaper on wall

Wallpaper’s can create wonders in your room. Whatever is your theme and furniture, you will get thousands of designs to suit it accordingly. Wallpaper will just give you a new world.

The main advantage of using wallpaper is flexibility; you can change it whenever you want. Wallpapers are highly used by people who live on rent or are living for a very short period of time to a particular place.


Another advantage of using wallpaper is to hide your main wall, you can simply stick a wall paper on a damaged wall, you don’t need to plaster it and paint it, you just have to buy good wallpaper and paste it.

There are various types of textures and designs available in wallpaper, like animal skin textures, floral, vintage, waves, contemporary, ethnic. Etc. People are also using customized wallpapers these days.


Materials to be used:

You need to buy some materials for sticking wallpaper on wall which are as listed below:

  • Pencil, knife.
  • Rubber gloves, paint roller, paint brush paint tray.
  • Sponge, sand paper, primer, straight edge.
  • Drywall compound, putty knife.
  • Wallpaper hanging kit(tray, adhesives, smoothing brush , seam roller).

Once you collect all these things, you are ready to stick your selected wallpaper. While purchasing the above materials, you have to specify the size of your wall and the seller will provide you the materials accordingly.



  • Clean or wipe your wall with cloth/sponge. Wall should be wiped using warm water. Wait for the walls to dry and then you can sand wall wherever you see any kind of imperfection.
  • All the uneven areas can be filled up or levelled up using drywall compound. Should be done using putty knife. You need to wait then, have to let it dry.
  • Now again pick up sponge and wipe wall to clean dust particles.
  • To stick wallpaper efficiently, you have to use primer. So apply primer with a brush. Primer should be applied evenly on the surface of wall.
  • Primer takes less time to dry as compared to putty. Putty takes 24 hours to dry whereas primer will dry in 2 hours. On safe-side let it dry for 3 hours.
  • Now you need to be artistic, simply pick up the pencil and draw a guideline/boundary on the wall. Be sure that the line is straight enough. Use straight edge.
  • Now measure the length and cut paper accordingly, leave extra four inches from top.
  • You can reverse curl the paper, to avoid any kind of natural tenancy or else it will curl up on its own.
  • Once you ensure that there are no more curls, spread the paper on flat surface and apply adhesive to it. Be precise in this step, apply adhesive evenly and in equal proportion everywhere.
  • Now fold the ends of paper, as we have already kept extra four inches on the top, so you have dry paper to grip and can carry it easily to the wall. Align paper to the guideline which you drew, leave some extra inches from top and bottom, adjust accordingly.
  • You can smooth the wallpaper using smoothing brush. Then you can simply trim the excess paper by using a putty knife or some trimming knife.
  • Repeat the same process for all walls. You can use seam roller to press the seams together. You have a new wall now.

Wallpapers are in trend and easy to use, you can create wonders using wallpaper. So don’t wait now, pick up your favourite wallpaper and start applying it.

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