Sump Pump

Sump Pump, isn’t sounding funny? It maybe sounds a little funny, but ask the importance of Sump Pump to the house owner who suffers from overflow basements. If you hearing this Sump Pump very first time then I must say, you are a lucky one like me. It shows that you had not faced problems related to a flooded basement. According to a survey more than 60 percentage of American house suffers from basement wetness every year. A wet basement not only harm to the house, but also to the family members health.

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Does your home suffer from basement wetness problem regularly? If yes, then reading this article is worthy.

What is a Sump Pump?

Sump Pump is a small pump placed inside a pit. It is installed in the basement or the lower part of the house or building. The main function of Sump Pump is to keep the basement dry.

Sump Pump is installed in a sump pit of minimum 2 feet deep. Sump Pump collects the water and sends it away from the basement to some other place.

Who wants Sump Pump?

Has your home basement suffered from ground wetness or have you ever faced flooded basement? If the answer is yes, then you need to install Sump Pump. Regular basement wetness can harm to your costly home as well as your family health. Sump Pump is a solution to the problem.

Is Sump Pump will cure the wetness / flooding problem?

No, a Sump Pump does not cure the problem, but yes, it can reduce the wetness. With the continued work a Sump Pump can keep your basement dry and flood less. Sump Pump is the best solution of the wetness problem.

What’s the best Sump Pump for me?

Sump Pump is available in two categories in the market.

1) Pedestal

2) Submersible

Pedestal Sump Pump is more easily maintained. It’s always easy to service a Pedestal pump as its pump is placed above the sump. Submersible pump is fitted entirely within the sump and thus prevent from short circuit. Pedestal pumps are cheap and have 30-40 percent extra life compared to Submersible pump. Pedestal pumps make more noise compared to Submersible pump due to the outside pump. Submersible pumps are safer than Pedestal one.

Checklist for buying right Sump Pump

  1. Sump Pump comes in automatic and manual mode functions.
  2. Considering your house wetness problem chooses horsepower for your machine.
  3. Sump Pumps come with an added facility of backup and alarm system.
  4. Head pressure tells us about the height that Sump Pumps can lift water.

You can install the Sump Pump by yourself or with the help of an expert. Always buy a good Sump Pump that fulfills your needs, even if it costs little extra to you.

What if my Sump Pump stops working?

Like most of the people if you are also using your basement for keeping your valuable things. You know how important to keep your basement safe and wetness free. If the wetness problem is a serious and regular one, then you must have a backup plan for primary Sump Pump. You can install a battery backup Sump Pump for more safety.

Sump Pump is a good solution to the big wetness basement problem. If you are observing the basement occasionally seems wet, it’s the right time to order a Sump Pump for the safety and hygiene for the house. Do not wait until the wetness problem converts to a flooded basement. Hope you choose a perfect Sump Pump according to your home requirement.


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